Comanche George

Comanche and George Washington McClinton

I met a beautiful horse and his shy rider today, having a bathe in the icy water to keep the moths from his hoofs, we chatted a while by the bridge where the water is clearest and I was allowed to take some photos of Comanche but then asked to delete them, people don’t like people who like horses said George Washington McClinton…

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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  1. Speaking of moths and hoofs here’s a story of Moths and Sloths and Moss – learning about sloths, famous for slow energy conserving mobility, who needs a super power to avoid becoming prey, who in the fur harbours a colony of moths, who secrete a mucus, which creates the fertile conditions for moss, which fingers its way along the hairs colouring the fur green, which camouflages the sloth neutralising him among the tropical barks and leaves of the trees and rendering him invisible – et voila the super power of friendship and mutual compatibility of moths and sloths

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