Christmas Eve

A walk with friends, on a blue skied day with cool Northerly winds, we saw that in the Council’s dumping ground a giant cyprus tree had been cut down, today – it looked healthy and my heart lurched and felt heavy, where from? …we strolled around and saw more tractors zooming in at the entrance of the zigzag, so it had been cut from outside of the park, so sad, it looked healthy and aged…G took a small branch home and I kept a nut for a keepsake.

the pink bicycle was still on the football pitch, someone has propped it up …asking to be taken home

Cedarwood smells like pencils!

And so I find out from google that the most popular wood for pencils is in fact Cedarwood! ….Cedar is fragrant, soft, rot-resistant wood that makes great construction material for a variety of things, including pencilswhich sharpen easily without splintering… there is a type of American cedar called “Pencil cedar

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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