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fruiting bodies

Now the undergrowth is clear we can see more fungus forms too these hold the light in their glory and seem to me like creatures and a little like offal…I am intrigued by their form, not veiny and branching out as vegetation does, they appear more homogenous, almost like sorbet, or organ-like even perhaps thick tongues, I wonder if they are cellular under the microscope….like many woodland forms this one has an eary appearance…. are they listening…..or tasting… these multi-sensory beings….

later on cleared ground there were yellow ones…

I find out these are Wood ears, Auricularia auricula-judae, aka Tree ears and Jelly ears. This mushroom is often found on fallen Elder and at its freshest in winter – fruits have to be hanging down to identify as Wood ear. You dry them out and rehydrate them in your stew. Replace Cloud ears in oriental cooking.

Wood Ears
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