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Ivy is everywhere all year and stands out more in winter, on clambering the paths I notice the ground scattered with ivy stars, these little tumblers settle into the leaf litter – I wish I could upload smells – I look around and see the ivy vines make musical shapes from trees, like woodland harps, or form crouching figures around fence posts, soon it seems there is an audience and performance going on all around …..

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Observing ivy leaves to date I’d erroneously believed there to be a veiny pointed sort and a more glossy rounded sort, actually the pointed and very veined is the young climber, as the vines mature the jagged leaf form melts into a rounder one and the leaves become glossier, here the vines are making bushes where they will now produce fruits I have seen robust and deadly looking black berries and these lively yellow asterisks, the woodland birds pick them off and feast from them ……there was a game we played as children called “jacks” also called “knucklebones”

here’s John Feehan telling us all about the Ivy
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