30.12.2020 ~ Prosto Bench

So nearly at the end of a year and here’s a thing I’ve wondered about – the PROSTO bench!

PROSTO(Polish) adverb 

full exactly // directly plainly // simply // in a simple manner //smack //directly and with force //square // firmly and directly // squarely // directly and firmly // straight // in a straight, not curved, line // directly

…. so it is the Straight Bench! And it’s just taken me, in a roundabout curved and not a direct or firm way at all, a whole year to look that one up…. but maybe lost in translation …. and not Polish at all?

One of the Glen Walkers had this to say: “I like to think it it means that when you sit on the bench, you come directly to a conclusion about a complicated problem you have. A la “Prosto“.

Tonight was a night of a beautiful golden moon rising in the North East again, resisting casual capturing on camera, here looking the other way – westwards and the mist rising off the Glen River casting reflections into the night

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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