Sunday 3 January A deeper frost

This morning the frost was there again and remained all day, I left my footprints in the Glen, missed the little bug in his birch scroll, found a third Birch on the football pitch with witches broom and a feather in it, played hide and seek with our elusive, playful, and sometime resident Egret – one day I will sneak up close enough to capture an image ….

There were many frozen puddles on the path, I found one with a giant footprint that had a hole smashed in it, another with something that had formations which looked like codes and letters or architecture, another had a screaming face trapped inside and I took it upon myself to break the spell… there was a snaky shape too with eddies in it – so many different and interesting ice formations and then there were the lovely frost patterns on a lone green leaf…

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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