Fri 8.01.21 ~ light and shadows and Greta Egret

There has been no new snowfall and so what remains is the frozen leftovers from yesterday. I’m in the Glen by half past three and wondering what I’ll find today, I am happy to see the Glen little egret, Glenda, Glenn or Greta… the names are hovering, I see her as she swipes left on my approach, dragging her yellow boots behind her. I don’t even reach for my phone anymore, beginning to respect her desire not to be captured by me. One of the walkers recently took a photo showing off her lovely lacy plumage, just missing her fancy boots.

Glenn, Glenda or Greta and her elegant feathers photo by Isaac Feji

I head towards the Fleischmann place as I have a tub of leftovers to offer the robins there. Instead there are a couple of men deep in conversation by the fallen tree, not wanting to linger too close I spread my offerings and move on. I notice that the tree that leans in is an ash tree – I can’t be sure it’s the tree from the old photograph and I’m drawn by other things, there are a pair of curious ivy clad stumps by the river, surely too alike to be natural under their coats, and as I’m drawn in I notice a shadowy silhouette on the other side of the river.. this place is full of ghostly presences

I take the path out of the grove and head towards the high ridge. Up here in the cool air I find a crackling presence, I’m caught between the tangle of the bracken and the static energy coming off the prick-sparky gorse, each alight in the setting sun. The contrast between South and North facing slopes casts a strong diagonal across my path, already a giddy mix of steep falling away at one ear and rising incline at the other, I steady myself to keep balance.

On the way home there is a lurking ball, it too made glamorous in the low slanting light. The blackbirds are kept busy tossing around the leaf litter while the light fades.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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