Sat 9.01.21 ~ Ice and Hidey Holes

Today to meet LL at 2.30 in the sunny and fresh Glen of many magical worlds, it felt like being inside a happy Breugal painting, families doing their leisure time things and smiling in the gold lit frost and in the shadows blue and chill.

We saw a pair of teals, another blue flash for the Glen, this time on the back of a dabbling duck as he motored across the glassy surface of the pond.

One very happy child found an ice sculpture formed around individual blades of grass at the rivers edge, we looked at the world inside it and then she put it in her bicycle basket to carry home

LL showed me her hiding/trading place for hazelnuts, it seemed to me a very safe bet guarded as it was by a pair of cantankerous twins.

The guardians of the Hazel Hidey Hole and LL the Hazel trader

The sun was going down by the time we reached the ridge, we stood under the oak and looked deep into the valley and across to the frozen North face. We drank in the sight of secret pathways made visible by the winter frost.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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