Mon 11.01.21 ~ Bird skull signs

Grey day late lightening and rosy in the west when it does…shepherd’s warning. I go in late afternoon, through the Glen to Blackpool, looking for wintergreen to add as a preservative to my sticky blackberry ink, 2 bagsful, evacuated from the freezer to make room before Christmas.

I see the decoy again and also the Little egret, two white dots in the upper pond… as usual Greta takes flight when I begin to get near

Little Egret and decoy

On returning without any purchase I pass the newish Glen signs and notice the bird’s skull form of the Park, I think of the photo in the Crawford Art Gallery by Murdo MacLeod of local boy Roy Keane, who must have spent time here, though I believe never played with the Glen Rovers FC.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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