Sunday 17.01.21 CleanUp

An interim clean up with small posse, N, I, L, G, E – oddly enough I_GLEN! With me it’s JI_GLEN or GLEN_JI, and now I’m somehow hearing a Genie in there, how bad <3. I collected the trolly from outside the Council Depot where we parked it last week. The trolly had been in the river on the site of the O’Brien house and someone had fished it out and left it invitingly under the little oak tree. N took a shot of it here and posted it to the Friends of the Glen FB page last Thursday. L and I thought it might be useful for our pickups or at least, if left beside the depot, it may not end up in the river again.

the trolly rescued and inviting another plunge…photo by Niall Murray

I brought some newspaper with me and E and I went to where the oil slicked the surface in ‘The Bayou’. We were using the free local paper, the coloured ink gave it a mixed absorbancy surface and so while we managed to mop up some of the rainbow colours from the water, there was plenty still stuck in the mud. A scoop and collecting bucket would do a more thorough job. E had a garden rake with an extendable handle and we set to lifting cans delicately by the bendy tines hooking the triangular slot, most cans were too weighty with water, we tried scooping up bottles sideways into its basket, like impossible fairground games, we roared with every success, the game evolved and we were soon pressing gently foothold by foothold to the waters edge finding a tentative certainty in our footing as we went along, brambles reeds old branches and the crunch of plastic or aluminium underfoot as we went along ..below is an image of me standing out and E totally blending in with the surroundings.

finding firm footing in the river photo by Niall Murray

Little by little our little group of oddballs arrive, N is trying to free the flow under one of the yellow bridges and I’m inspired to join him. Big old branches have ended up here and are creating a kind of a dam and we released these making a pile of them on the bank. Later I go to the Sociable wall where I know there will be drinks cans, also known as the Hand of God wall, where W had his experience many years ago, oddly enough as we were chatting about where to go next we spotted W sitting quietly on his bench, looking towards his view of ‘the pyramids’

I took no photos today.

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