Sunday 24.01.2021 new signs and odd sightings

So its after midday when I wander down and head to the island again, I pass the birch with the oysters on the way, I cross over by the sluice gate and enter by the stump alter, it looks like someone has taken a bite out of one of the mushrooms and decided to move on, I pass between the Cedars and allow myself to be wrapped in the laurels, I find more jewels on the branches

I took the path up to Scotland after hanging in the embrace of the oak a while I decided to take on the snarling briers, treading my way down to the riverside path, where got caught up in the tangle of branches screening passers on the other side, coming back the moon has risen in the East as I check in on Cedar Alley, there is still ice in its bark and some dramatic golden edging in the West. Passing by the WotHoG I find some elegant script embellished by lichen, moss and ivy its funny how a story can alter a place and it does, the water pulls me in and the trees hover magically over, trees that have grown up since W’s story. Approaching the Island once again I find a fairy door so inviting, it echoes the scale of the gothic quarter steps in my next view

I pass by the ponds and go towards the Fleischmann place where I see a cat on a day out then I head up the zigzag to see the sign a walker has installed with Jack the Dipper and a piece of advice. Homeward bound I spot an entangled object, I am curious about the lichens and take a closer look, entangled to be sure the vegatal//lichel//human post seasonal and transformed. The Queen of Sheba passes by on her way home

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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