Tuesday 26.0.2021 Dusk

A white day, the fog hung till late in the day and by the time I left the house just before 5pm the low cloud was beginning to lift. I got a message from A just as I was putting on my boots – meet you in the Glen – I hoped to get in a stroll before we hooked up, needing to stretch my legs.

I pass by the Birch with the Oyster mushroom and see it has recovered well from the frost. I spot Greta wading in the Bayou she doesn’t seem to mind me peering through the bushes, I’m sure she knows I am here. I stop by the Alder at the eddy pool and watchthe water swirl as darkness envelops the valley. I hear that A is at the Snake and I go and meet her there. By 6 the light has gone and I come back by the road.

I go to the studio and inspect the spore prints from the Oyster… looking like angel wings dusty of dark paper. I make a sign for the next clean up.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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