Wednesday 27.01.2021 dusk walk Beech avenue

Another late afternoon walk I pass the pile of chipping made from the culled oak last year opposite the stump

I walked on and was drawn to the avenue leading up to the Council Depot, I wanted to get close to the lovely silver Birch, her 3 sister trunks and see her frayed branch formation against the sky, as she reaches toeards her neighbouring beech, I wanted to check the other trees and on inspecting clues in the leaf litter and still hanging on the branches I find they are mainly beeches, the mirror tree is calling and I wonder about ways of making this mirror actually appear… could it be done with silver leaf…? I enjoy the mossy bustle which occurs actually at my waist height and give a little wiggle in response

I had taken a glimpse into the Fleischmann place on the way to Beech avenue, checking for dancing and viewing spots for M. I came back along the south side of the pond catching the heron and her reflection and stayed on the path westwards, noting the Two Cedar portal from the outside of the island, then headed up to the dumping ground to take in a breath of cut pine and Cedarwood.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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