Sunday 31.01.2021 Clean Up

today was the first clean Up Sunday of 2021 and it was drizzly. People arrived in wellies and waders, I had a brolly with blue skies and puffy clouds on it.

“That’s January tidied away. Kudos to the brave souls who made it out to today’s cleanup – some even braving the water to keep the heavy-flowing river a little clearer of bottles, aeroboard and whatever else gets into it. A juvenile kingfisher even dropped by briefly to say thanks – but asked not to be photographed and moved along as quick as she’d arrived!!” Posted N to the Friends of the Glen River Park FB group

busy Cleaning crew photo Niall Murrray

“Great day had by all braving briars and bogs rescuing dogs and not to mention refuse couture is going through the roof – bring on the handcrafted paraphernalia for next time and may the sun shine” I posted back.

soggy feet – photo Niall Murray

We also helped rescue one of the Glen dogs who had found his way in to the Council depot, but not out.

Bags of cans and bottles and some fly tipping of household rubbish all up by the steps on the high pitch, they’ll be back again next time. Would love a notice saying ‘keep your litter out of the briars”my clothes were snagged and torn at every turn and I didn’t notive till later how my wrists were scratched. There was a hurley stick, a chair frame a pink tricycle fished from the river – and 3 heavy metal bars which I couldn’t resist bringing home, they looked like rungs for a rope ladder, and even had grooves for hanging… so suggestive…

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