Tuesday 2.02.2021 Late walk Herons, birdsong and otter spraint

Out again late today 5pm and dusk is falling, I see Greta egret and a heron and then another in the upper pond, the herons are claiming the territory as Greta usually likes the spot where they’ stand motionless, as she is energetically dipping her beak in and out of the water closer to the grassy shore.

the heron is a small grey smudge mid picture, screened by the aspen’s catkins, Greta egret is fishing in waters of the near bank, and out of shot.

The tree shows off one of the proudest lichen patterns in the Glen, somehow like shiny buttons, giving the bark a ceremonial almost military demeanor, and the long scars definitely hold some battle stories. A mossy knee gently pads one of the exposed roots.

I made my way to Scotland and the high ridge before darkness fell to hear the birdsong by the witches butter. Turning into the Glen along the main path another good spot was the buddleia near the wheely bin scars, birds sounding out to each other across the pass.

I rush home to catch the premier of Cork Otters from Cork Nature Network; there has been a siting of otter spraint in the Glen, and I find out that otter spraint has an unmistakable scent of violets, M the dancer Glen walker tells me she spotted an otter last year by the Feischmann place.

This writer on animal droppings likens the scent of otter spraint to jasmine tea:


all seem to agree it is a pleasant, some even say delicious, scent.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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