Thursday 4.02.2012 Comanche and Conversations with humans

I left home a good half hour before midday to catch the Glen at noon, bumped into E and did a circuit with her talking about maps and overlaying each others in transparent layers catching glimpses of one another’s worlds… we are adopting some of the same place-naming, agreeing on terms like The Bayou, E has some bird connections at various corners and we talked about the Jay L and I had seen at the top of the Zigzag and E had named a place for at the Bridges… I would love to see these maps floating atop one another and spiking through in places.

I was delighted to see GWMcC and Comanche again today, big smiles all round as we caught up with each other on the bridge and he led his much beloved Comanche into the river to calm his itchy, but well shod hooves.

it was quite the photo session as he invited a small girl to hold the reigns while a proud mother took some shots and GMcW generously facilitated. M the dancer turned up with Corey the dog, wishing to twirl for the camera too, this bridge was blessed today with beautiful people!

I had done a walk about with M and Corey and A and Fudge, looking at spots for dancers to move and singers to voice, we spoke of getting pianos into the Glen and dressing up chairs with leaves and branches, we walked up to the Place of the hand of God and I posed for them on the podium at the end of the wall, in the margins of the alders, we tried to imagine how it would all be different in June. M had come away from a chat on the paths with Maeve of the Fleischmanns and I realised I’d said hello to her in passing, we will do walk together one day to ‘the parents place’ and have a run around her memories of the Glen from times ago. Earlier I had met artist, F, unmistakable as she came towards me from afar, also delighted to be in the Glen and showing someone around, a Cork North-sider from the ‘other hill’ on his first ever visit. I walked along a while with E and her sister and we caught up with each others family news. So lunchtime in the park is a sociable occasion, at least on this temperate and blue-skied spring day.

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