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Friday 5.02.2021 so many images

I have been looking through my photos to pick out tome for a proposal…so many images, distracted by yesterday shots of the gate bedded down in the ivy at the Fleischmann place and teasel – these photos hadn’t uploaded when I was writing my blog and so they got left out, and I would not be the first to exclaim how fickle memory is! I had forgotten about under the laurels and the dappled light, and the loveliness of being inside their architecture, and the army of mossy socks on the whips of new growth

…So many images have the feel of music and musical notation, perhaps more so for the way I photograph sequences.

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I’d forgotten yesterday about the red chair and the traffic cone, two directors of embodied behavior – a seat with a view and the play of shadows making eerie the trees in the low winter light

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Branches of the tree by the steps weaving their magic over the new growth

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The place where the hemlock grows

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