Thursday 11.02.2021 rain and sleet and jet

another busy day at the keyboard and uninviting weather on the outside. I made it into the Glen before nightfall but the day hardly lightened from the beginning, not like the bright snow that arrived west and east and north of us, we were the warm front and the rain and snow came down together in cold showers. I walked over to the oyster dripping on the birch, i passed the wall where the growth had been ripped off and thought of I’s story of the dogs being set on the birds and coming back with coots in their jaws because there was nowhere for them to go, this makes me so sad.

i see a black dog on the bridge and recognise Jet nose to the ground and running, black hair flying a fluid shape over the ground. G, L and I made a huddle on the bridge till G peeled off up the Zig Zag and Jet, nearly blind, mooched up after her. After plenty of calling landing on deaf old ears L had to pursue him and carry him back down. L and I did a round of the ponds and Jet was delighted to have extended license for his own pursuits.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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