Friday 12.02.2021 Night walk and faerie light

A’s birthday – 30!- the day slipped us by and it was 8 by the time we descended to the park via the zigzag. This is the latest winter walk I’ve done, the air hung amber with city lights spreading through the misty sky, after a cold and still rainy day. We did a round of the ponds. A’s first time back in the Glen for a wee while, probably October. We stopped by the Laurels looking over towards the Ceder columns on The Island, and there was a glittering in the leaves, strange and fluid, tinkling and tracing edges in a looping pattern, fluttering between the trees, dancing and calling to us. From where A was standing she could see a possible source, a beam of light hanging down between the laurels, I reached for my camera and almost immediately it was gone: a strange memory, we couldn’t work out what had caused the phenomenon, the light was unlike anything we could explain, not headlights, nor street lights, in memory we could explain is as UFO or faeries, happy birthday happy birthday.

walking back talking about walking every day and recording the experience here i couldnt resist stating the obvious, the more you take note of things the more things you begin to notice, becoming attuned to peripheral vision.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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