Wednesday 17.02.2021 meetings and duos

A morning that had the feeling of Easter, hares, chicks, daffodils and all things yellow…The Glen has become our meeting space, walks with E this morning ranging the perimeter down to Spring Lane and up along the unofficial park edges, talking about expansion, interactions and access rather than development, which is hanging over us with the dollar signs at the moment, I took no photos as we chatted and shared our visions.

And again later with A, and hooking up with a family in Farranree, we shared our ‘home space’. This was intense as there was so much to look at on and off screen and hearing was mixed with gushing water and wind and jubilant human sounds in the world of out doors at both ends! Our call was interrupted at regular intervals allowing time to interact with other park habitants, including Corey from Gorey in his fetching denim Jacket and Fudge…(the judge?) It was lovely to exchange snaps in the flow of it all, and I managed my first capture of Greta’s yellow wellie boots.

A and I ventured into the woodlands to a place in the laurels where she used to play as a child. In the watery hinterland of the river we found some sprouting onions – left out some time ago dumped or offered with a head of lettuce and some carrots, some celery was also doing nicely. I remember seeing these very same vegetables a couple of months ago – so the soup is still fresh in the mix, and may even bed down to become a proper soup garden….who knows what will emerge in the various passages of the Glen. Under the laurels we find some rusty serpentine relics not quite camouflaged in the undergrowth, pools of rainwater had collected in the dimples along the arms of the laurel, somehow adding to the domesticity of her ample embrace

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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