Thursday 18.02.2021 Rabbit holes and hoof prints

It feels like spring but there is a chill too, that kind that only comes when the year is new and beginning to warm up. I took myself through the Glen on my way to a shopping expedition. Looking out for today’s signs I go and visit my now decidedly woody oyster mushroom, while getting up close I spot a large hole among the roots of a tree on the bank behind. It’s quite cavernous and deep, even hobbit-like in its entrance. it occurs to me there must have been some kind of pursuit or sniffing out the way it has suddenly become exposed like this.

Turning I see the little egret, Greta very close to the bank and go and say hello but she is edgy as ever and moves away quickly as joggers pass by. Up in the top field I see the tracks of big dogs and horses still fresh in the wet mud. On my way home passing the swamp cypresses, I cant resist holding on to the the strange form of the smallest one, that always reminds me of a key turning in a lock, I’m not exactly sure why

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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