Tuesday 23.02.2021 unrelenting rain and zooms and loops

I knew it would be bad, thought i might slip out early but somehow my legs wouldn’t take me, i knew i had a day of screen time ahead with little gaps between, it was after seven and dark by the time I left the house. R suggested I go to where we released the hedgehog back in midsummer, as this area is near enough to the road, and has some street lighting, and the Glen doesn’t always feel safe in the dark. I took R up on this advice and mooched about in the drizzle on the boundary by the zigzag where, as I was leaving, I found another late arrival, a woman drove in and released a black dog from her car, blackdog had a red lit up collar, making her a visible shadow. I watched from afar and was amused to see the red collar pick up my tracks along the verges where I was standing for some time, then loop back around the tree the same as I did, she was happy to see me when she returned to the car park wagging her black tail and sniffing the air about me. The rain had eased so I decided to do a perimeter of the park along the road sides before looping home. The Glen nestled deep in its own valley dark and holding its silence within.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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