Wednesday 24.02.2021 posting for Sunday

So just a small window again today and L messaged to say she would be coming up with posters and would I like to meet. I had the one I made on waxed paper from January and overwrote the date in oak gall ink from the Glen oak which felt very nice. As I was attaching it to the railings at Sunview I heard a child’s voice talking about cleaning up the park, her Mum was making encouraging responses, they couldn’t have seen my notice yet as I was blocking the view and so I believe it was a moment of typical Glen serendipity, we said hi shyly and I said, see you on Sunday 🙂 Mum stopped for a few words about bringing bags and gloves and that was that. As I got down to the river I noticed the buds were bursting forth on very mossy branches with lichen too a symphony of spring greens and yellows all frills and flounces.

L caught up with me here and we wandered along the North bank hatching plans and catching up. There were a pair of mallards at the hatch, ducky very well camouflaged and drakey in proud full finery, we are edging into the breeding season now and L and I were happy for her hiding powers. The heavy downpours of yesterday have recreated the pool under the Alders and I leaned over the bars of the hatch to see the water gushing down to the next level, lemon gold – an overflowing of a crisp bright vinho verde, I could see that L was tempted to try out the concrete but it was full of tiny pools of rain so that may be for another time.

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