Sunday 28.02.2021 That time of the month

A beautiful morning and balmy spring day, real heat warming the back and sun dazzling the eyes with light and shade. Today there is a huge turnout for the clean up, new friends of the Glen and families with kids for the first time, who saw the signs in passing. Perhaps more than 30 people in all. There was great energy as we struck off in all directions with our bags in gloved hands. one member went home to fetch a wheel barrow…. a Glen runner, little did he know how many Sunday runs with a barrow he’d be doing! Its always awkward to pull away but each of us, I believe, had a target in mind, I had seen so much litter strewn about the hot spots yesterday. There were waders already knee deep in the Bayou as I peeled East to the Laurels in the Fleischmann footprint. I passed a chainsaw dipped out of the river and a tree encasing some old barbed wire, nearby E and newbie B were going into the edge by the zigzag and we chatted briefly as I passed. I entered the dome and the floor was a mosaic of aluminium, glass, colourful paper wrappers and evidence of general adult party activities. A puffball mushroom nestled among the debris, knowing it would outlive the lot. other walkers found plastic fish ducks and old mossy rollers.

I was little concerned as I picked up the surface flotsam that the under growth now had deadly broken glass camouflaged within it. One important piece for the agenda for our meeting with the Park’s Executive on Monday.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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