Tuesday 02.03.2021 cleavers

Two walks today one on whatsapp to our family in Farranree, it’s intense to walk and talk and see and show and hear all at once between 3 speakers and a tearaway family – our call was cut short due to my phone being glitchy and A’s running out of battery so overstretched in all directions.

The Willow’s pussy paws are out and the Alder has dropped her catkins. I go back to blow out the digital cobwebs and find lush green in the Navelwort, goosegrass cleavers, nettles, ivy, buttercups, celandine, harts tongue fern, bracken and foxgloves all patterning each other out in swathes of it, and soon the lushness will be upon us.

The usual suspects taking their bows as ever in the rounds.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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