Wednesday 3.03.2021 meeting and mapping, dark reflections

Meeting with the cluster today to look at sites for bins and benches and mark the dark places which need some TLC. F of the wheelbarrow was entering at the same time with his dog for walk number 3 of the day he says, waiting on a friend at Sunview East.

I strode on in and found L and I on the yellow bridges, clipboard in hand and map ready. The boys with the dogs were slinking by on the far side, hovering by the benches. N arrived and we began our little tour.

My heart wasn’t in it, feeling distracted by the busyness and ambivalent about the idea of installing more objects into the park, I want to see what the bins and the benches look like and try not to imagine the pouring of cement.

The water in the Bayou had a film of oil on its surface, the same place we mopped up with newspaper a few weeks ago. I am told the lads wash off their dirt bikes in the river after they’ve got all mucky riding around in the mud…

Dark Reflections

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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