Thursday 11 – Saturday 13 March

So these were the penultimate days to a year of lockdowns and I feel them heavy. Heavy because there was so much stillness settling and and opening in those early days of the big still burgeoning still fetid and alive with a promise that things may be done differently if we only gave them a chance and woke up to the smell of the world about us.


Thursday I see a channel of water crossing the path from Glenview Park into a drain on the way down from the turn style at Sunview East, I follow it back to a drain, bubbling and gurgling fuzzy beige grey effluent, the drains are burst and household waste is spewing forth. Feeling heavy and heavy also with tensions building in our little virtual community Friends of The Glen, who are just trying to do our best to keep out the stagnant thrum but it prickles all about the edges. So I took time off from the Glen on Friday.

Stole a walk early on Saturday, there were showers of sleet and snow and cold rain between blue skies. I passed the drain on the way out and and took some more footage of cleaner water now passing through, finding rivulets in tree formations through the beigeness below, while the surface reflected the trees above – a significant double mirroring. The water now sloushing out at a steady rate – a minimum of 3 days gushing, so I emailed the council on Monday morning, and by evening they had come in with their big red tank and hoses, the lid of the drain was sealed again as I passed on Tuesday(today).

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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