Monday 29.03.2021 a walk for a hunt

Began the day despondent and unmotivated, by 2 I kicked myself out the door, a walk with intention. This one to explore sites for an egg hunt. So to begin at the Western end and look for nooks and crannies where fragile things might lie for a wee while blending in enough but also standing out enough to the eye in training, sheltered but visible, tucked away but lying in wait, hunting and hiding are twin pleasures. This walk a test run with camera to explore ways for discoveries, how to send clues … photographs, either on a live feed or as a sequence, a map, word clues to be found and to lead to the next spot, numbered eggs to be marked off and documented, a combination of these and its all getting quite complex. Thinking about child eye level and adult eye level …. and dog nose and bladder level

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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