Sunday 28.03.2021 Clean Up again

The clocks went forward and there were arrivals into the pick up at all times , I got a call from A just after 11 (new time) asking if I was there, she had thought we began at 11. It was drizzling and forecast to get wetter. I loaded myself up with gloves and black bags and pickers and sauntered down, there was a crowd of people already, and more arriving from all corners of the football pitch – kids, dogs, adults all gathering, bags for everyone, fingers wriggling into gloves and then we scattered. There was a great haul, some going quite deep and some unusual pickings keeping us engaged. L had fallen foul of the clocks and we met P from the parks to do a walkabout, nice of him to come on a wet Sunday. We looked at spots for bins and benches, using the old spots so there would be a minimum of pouring fresh concrete. We looked at the dirty drains. He was familiar with all of them apart from the one from Pynes Valley View. He knew the man who L had caught felling the tree, a usual suspect. We went up to the high field, which will become the meadow and he promised to only mow a walking line through it until the Autumn. One very easily won victory for FotG. We went back to the depot, by now soaked to the skin, it was 2.30 by the time we left.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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