Thursday 1.04.2021

April Fool’s day and the day Mum gets her second vaccine, as I write I am aware that more and more bits of the world are creeping in to this space now I am reminding myself of the days the sun woke up last week and warmed us for a wee while, the concertina concentration of the horse chestnut leaves unfurling their etched tender selves from a state of compact green bud, I have been lying low and I know they have already passed beyond that exquisite delicacy and come open to the wind and rain as it has been coming in outpouring heaps these last few days.

the flowering currents on opposite sides of the valley are hanging their deep pink heads willow is turning to seed head hawthorn is emerging and the sun has definitely touched us open for the new season.

My tangled collection speaks to me from the studio floor…maybe time for a spring clean..just not today

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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