Wednesday 31.03.2021 plotting with A

Today I donned my apron with kangaroo pouch it was too hot for a coat and I needed pockets. A and I entered the Glen with clipboard in hand. We were plotting our places for the Easter egg hunt to Friday. We walked the path west to the Blackpool end. We exited the turnstile and looked back at whee we’d come. The Big four legged NDP sign is an obvious marker for the start of course, even if it is out of date, since the tail end of the Celtic tiger 2006.

We were looking at spots and A was marking them in note form. I took photos of the course for the second time retreading my footsteps from Tuesday. We are logging the names of trees and plants in passing, not making a big deal about them, this is not an educational priority and besides we have our own idiosynchratic and not generally recognised terms for many things and places. What is the name of that echoing noisy concrete construction with a cage like grill? Now I write it i believe it is known colloquially as ‘the Cage’. P the Parksman said it was to stop small kids being carried off downstream into the culvert, others have said it’s a rubbish trap. So we are looking for hidey holes that aren’t too obvious for passers by but easy enough to spot if you have a map and a keen eye. In the map making I am reminded that consistency is not my forte, representing things according to a system is fairly random drawing the wall I find I am showing it in mirror image to the way it will be viewed by the map reader, and I am curious about the way this is with memory and perception, looking forwards into a mirror to see backwards. Thee are some places we have already shared in conversation, the ‘badger hole’ was named by them in our what’s app exchanges. And the Giants teeth have also made a prior appearance.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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