Thursday 8.04.2021

I had to take a wee break as regular wanderings were dulling my senses – it may the regular or may be a kind of mourning on the turning of the year for the loss of the silence in those early days of the pandemic response. It has been a full year of taking photographs and watching nature in the Glen. We have new trees, planted this week by the City Council, up on the rise near Gouldings buildings. There’s a couple of rows of holly, and 5 neat rows of trees – Alder, Birch, Rowan/Mountain Ash and a Bird Cherry which was the only tree with identifying label attached ‘Prunus padus’ So a lovely new grove or glade or maybe a hedge as there are some viscious looking thorns on one line which may or may not be a blackthorn, these trees are not flowering at the moment so they are unlike the blackthorns in full bloom across the Glen, they do look like the more tree like forms of some of the black silhouettes on the zigzag… must check those out again and see.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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