Saturday 10.04.2021 steps in nines and flowers

Coltsfoot is named for the shape of its leaf, like a hoof. The flowers are more daisy than dandelion and here they lean out of the zigzag, also forming here is Glen broccoli, the brassicas love this place too. Up and down the zig zag and then criss crossing below on the other steps, the odd length of the tread making a dominant down ward foot, left right Left, left right Left and then up the other side in batches of nines, the chosen timing for the risers to the upper field where the arum lilies capture the light in their firey spathes and the blackthorn wears its blossom across its branches in swathes, Sakura is the lovely Japanese word. Clouds are full and dark and the sun is full and bright between them.

I lose hours here today, returning as it is getting dark, the teenagers are out and gathering at the benches, already one girl staggers about while a boy is ripping up the daffodils.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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