Monday 10.05.2021 stones and barks and always new things

Today I enter the Glen around 8.30 in the evening as the light is thinning. I am remembering my walk with G and thinking about all the different habitats here. I visit the meadow, and wonder about the slow growing of the grass. coming back over the grassy knoll I find a new stone structure, here is a miniature monolith in a miniature stone circle. Coming down from the knoll I notice a Sorbus, a Swedish Whitebeam like the one outside my house and the beautiful triform leaf pattern, and her lovely smooth silver and grey bark patterning, catching the light in different ways it could be woven in damask. Further along I am surprised by a deep red flower that looks like a chestnut and turns out to be so, a Red buckeye, an American type, more delicate and ornate than our horse chestnuts I look and notice here again the kippernuts at her feet. Along this path are Rowans, and I am curious about the rowan barks always so ravaged, and often carved by humans wanting to leave their mark.

I head on to the bridges and say hello to a walker I know, not knowing how to peel off I pretend to be on my way home to avoid the company. I catch a handful of sedge from its tussock and like the way it tickles and fits in my left palm so I repeat it on the right, a bit more clumsy this side, finding this curious as I am right handed, it feels gnarly. I head on up to the ridge and admire once more the stonework in the hearth, wondering if MB comes and fixes it or if it has been left alone, a mark of respect. I pass the wee oak and its friend the willow herb under the gorse there is a wholeness here which obviously one day will give, but for now they make what looks like a happy trio.

Published by @julforres

Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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