Monday 21.06.2021 Solstice

I find that the solstice will be at 4.30 and dawn will be at 5.15, and so I set my alarm to mark the occasion. The morning is clear so I will see the sun. I grab some skies in my phone as the sun rises and later falls… I wonder about the solstice, being the stand still 45 minutes below the horizon …

Sunrise and sunset the doc and the laurel form an arc I hadn’t intended

Back in the evening for more skies, looking West this time, I captured a laurel leaf to send to Bec , the windows of golden light coming through that old tanned hide of the fallen leaf.

I race up to the high ground to catch the view of the sun and M the path keeper is there, building fires with his family, at the place he made by the oak, when I pass back they are roasting marshmallows with some of the boys who have gathered. There is plenty of activity here tonight and music coming from below, celebrations deep in the bones for the longest day.

There are offerings at the hatch, foxglove thimbles scattered at the pink alter of the Montelimar.

I see the moon shining silver light from the South, caught in the branches of the trees, and I remember now the dew drops form the morning, balanced in the spiders web, as I pass through the valley on my way home.

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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