Samhain in the Glen Saturday 9.10.2021

The Glen sun that rises at one end and sets at the other. Our wee group are coming together as Treepuka to present a Samhain Celebration of dance, poetry and art in our lovely Glen. It will take place on Sunday 31 October…Hallowe’en itself… the threshold of the coming year and a very special time in the Glen.

days are closing in trees are getting sparer long sun keeps low
Treepuka present >-Samhain in the Glen -< a celebration of our wild place
map of the beastie

Grab yourself a wand of whiskery Rosebay willow herb let it guide you on following its nose you may play with painting a picture of all about you…

whiskery wand of rosebay willow herb guiding me on

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Julie Forrester, artist based in Cork City Ireland

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