Alder and cuckoo end days of April 2022

The Alder fills the U of the sky at the hatch

filling the U of the sky at The Hatch

and I see my first cuckoo flower on 22.04 of 2022 at the metal bridge

cuk koo

The lilac of the flower is said to coincide with the arrival of the cuckoo from Africa… I haven’t ever heard a cuckoo in the Glen. The cuckoo flower has just a few spots here, usually at water’s edge, I saw another one by the new yellow bench on Sunday, and last year I saw one by the old Poplar Stump, their singular presence sings out not with an audible voice but their cool clear colour Li Lah c

Sun setting on the end days of April 25.04.22

sun setting midway N- W

the race between Bracken and Fireweed to cover the charred ground once the region of the Gorse

the race is on

Animal tracks revealed across the hill since the burning of the gorse

fox runs or dog runs …?
2021 – last year’s cuckoo flower holding up at the oil spill on ‘the bayou’

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