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Blue zip opening Sat 1 – Thurs 6 October 2022

It’s past the autumn equinox, the days are shortening into winter and time has flown, flowed in summer flux since my last postings …I have been away from the Glen, lost my footing there with all of my busyness … the connection is fragile, on the surface at least … the connection needs continuity …last Saturday the first of October we passed through the Glen, the surface place it has become, 4 pm and en route, destined elsewhere, for mushroom foraging in the far field on the hill, our perimeter… We stopped on the metal bridge looking East into the Fleischmann place, I was with R, when something zipped from under us, a blue flash electric and gone, we look at one another.. a trailing spark, we say to each other …did you see that…? So small so quick, flash, kingfisher, singular, just the one, not imagined, seen. Sweeping through the same bridge I stood a year ago, or more, looking in the opposite direction, remembering the juvenile I saw, skimming the water from under the bridge curling westwards past the Alder pool and the OPW marker into the marsh not at all blue but white and black. Has it grown up? I feel pulled in, welcomed back, the Glen is opening up to me once more. I am beholden.

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