I love the way this image bursts open on the page – its so starry and clearly a “five” from – a pentagon/pentangle – I wonder if this is accidental or if it invites us into the growth pattern of gorse… must find out…. https://www.gardenista.com/posts/gardening-101-gorse/ I have been surprised by the popping of gorse andContinue reading “gorse”


Thistle, the thistle this time of year has die back and these rosettes are the promise for the spring, reminding me of the story of Oein DeBhairduin’s story of Why the Dandelions Grow… I can see the star formation clearly in the thistle and its nice to think about earth bound things rooted and reachingContinue reading “Thistle”


I am dipping into Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer and, curious to see how it looks, I did a search for “sweetgrass” the first link to show was https://www.gouldings.ie/our-products/fertiliser/sweetgrass-fertiliser/ probably the bots in action. The Latin name for Kimmerer’s American Sweetgrass is Hierochloe odorata, meaning Sacred fragrant grass https://blackstemplants.co.uk/hierochloe-odorata.html this one is rare inContinue reading “Grasses”

Catch Up Zooms

Zooming today we had some time interference as the clocks went back to “real time” in Ireland, so we had an hour to navigate around. We talked about words for river – both creek and burn cut narrow courses, a glen is a valley often gorged from the ice and may or may not hostContinue reading “Catch Up Zooms”