third week of 2022 15 – 24 January 2022

The Glen is on the turn, hardly a winter, a handful of frosts since Samhain and sensing the fingers of spring already, trees barely bare and their leaves litter the ground a fallen ivy burning its flame red veins and golden among the deep tannin browns, their leafy edges still precise. There was a sweeperContinue reading “third week of 2022 15 – 24 January 2022”

Second week of 2022 10- 14.01.2022

There is an abandoned jumper at the hatch, it is has been there a while, and I find it today laid out white on the mossing conglommerate, that place for the belly connection with the river, as it rushes over the mill race below. There are a scattering of crusts which animate the arm intoContinue reading “Second week of 2022 10- 14.01.2022”

Friday 31.12.2021 revisiting the Rowan and her oyster

I go back to the rowan to see the oyster and if there are any lingering berries, I have a recollection of seeing them on a single living branch in the autumn, today I see berrries on the branches of the neighbouring hawthorn and I’m not sure now, this little tree looks completely exhausted andContinue reading “Friday 31.12.2021 revisiting the Rowan and her oyster”

Tuesday 28.12.2021 Rowan oysters and washing stones

Tuesday’s walk leaves me despondent, the litter is back with broken glass and leavings of cans and boxes and fast food wrappings, the weather is grey, I see my favourite oyster mushroom has returned, not by its crested presence on the bark of the ailing Rowan, but by its kicked remains about the empty pedestalContinue reading “Tuesday 28.12.2021 Rowan oysters and washing stones”

Thursday 23.12.2021 blackbirds, swamp cypress,dipper and mouse

On leaving the home park this morning I pause to listen to the sweeping sounds from the hedgerow, and see a handful of blackbirds in the open branches, traffic was passing and I curse the roar and fade of the engines, but as i do I begin to hear the matrix, the call response fromContinue reading “Thursday 23.12.2021 blackbirds, swamp cypress,dipper and mouse”

Tuesday 21.12.2021 path and river

The Glen river and path twine about one another and criss cross 11 times in the short 3/4 kilometre of the valley. The Valley itself a glacial secret lying in the fabric of the city. Now filled with bare trees the sound echoes through, from all about its environs, the hum and thrum of traffic,Continue reading “Tuesday 21.12.2021 path and river”