Thursday 23.12.2021 blackbirds, swamp cypress,dipper and mouse

On leaving the home park this morning I pause to listen to the sweeping sounds from the hedgerow, and see a handful of blackbirds in the open branches, traffic was passing and I curse the roar and fade of the engines, but as i do I begin to hear the matrix, the call response fromContinue reading “Thursday 23.12.2021 blackbirds, swamp cypress,dipper and mouse”

Tuesday 21.12.2021 path and river

The Glen river and path twine about one another and criss cross 11 times in the short 3/4 kilometre of the valley. The Valley itself a glacial secret lying in the fabric of the city. Now filled with bare trees the sound echoes through, from all about its environs, the hum and thrum of traffic,Continue reading “Tuesday 21.12.2021 path and river”

Saturday & Monday December 4-6.2021 – returning

Obligations have taken me away to working in other places and the gold and black of November walking has brought me along the concrete pavements into and away from the city centre and away from the deep spell of the Glen. I am once again picking up my foothold, Saturday in the cold rain andContinue reading “Saturday & Monday December 4-6.2021 – returning”

you’ll be glad you did it yesterday tomorrow ~ Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 15,26,27,28,29 & 30.10.2021

Crab apples, I’ve known they were here for the last few weeks, from the scent that hangs in the air, just haven’t seen them fallen in the same place as last year, under that tree, and looking up there are precious few on the branches. After the weekend winds and rain I find them, piledContinue reading “you’ll be glad you did it yesterday tomorrow ~ Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 15,26,27,28,29 & 30.10.2021”

Openings and closings Thurs 21.10.2021

Its Thursday and I finally got into the Glen on a bright morning, it’s been some time coming, busyness presses in from all sides and it was Sunday when I last set foot in the Glen. So this posting is a bit of a mishmash crossing the weekend from Thursday to Thursday. The council gatesContinue reading “Openings and closings Thurs 21.10.2021”

Samhain in the Glen Saturday 9.10.2021

The Glen sun that rises at one end and sets at the other. Our wee group are coming together as Treepuka to present a Samhain Celebration of dance, poetry and art in our lovely Glen. It will take place on Sunday 31 October…Hallowe’en itself… the threshold of the coming year and a very special timeContinue reading “Samhain in the Glen Saturday 9.10.2021”