Call & Response Glen || Utmarken

This page is a conversation in image and text between Helle in rural Utmarken and Julie in urban Glen

Wood stalagmites
Frost on sawn off Cederwood in the council park dump I have renamed Scent Alley for its nose of pencils, and more recently pine. I had a teacher in primary school that helped us with words for cave forms "when the mites go up the tights come down", these splinters become something else in close up becoming stalagmite-like with crystal prickling out from them, they remind me now of the moss socks I found the new sapling trees

Trees Branches Sticks
Trees  Branches  Sticks Somebody has been building in The Gothic Quarter It's much more open here in the winter and so the broodiness is different and children explore and play - it may be also because we are still in lockdown and they have more time outside with their families....this pile of sticks remind me of Helle's (more careful) constructions in Utmarken

Here is fineforest metar the sanddynens, North East island In a place Böda
mossy socks
Mossy socks crawing up the sapling trees out of the leaf litter and into the light

Helle Placeholder