liftings, slippings….Tuesday 14 March 2023

It’s raining a cold March rain as I stand at the Snake awaiting the arrival of A, who is searching for her red wellies… my gaze meanders over the familiar patchwork; circles squares texts and textures…the musical notes, the yinyang, always landing on Vincey Long is a Legend… I remember V the child, back inContinue reading “liftings, slippings….Tuesday 14 March 2023”

Across the Bridge October into November colours Wednesday 2 Nov 2022

It is the time of suspension and falling and the glimmering colours before the quiet release …the most gentle sweep to sustain into the dead still of the Cailleach’s grip. hawthorn and sorbus berries, scarlet and vermillion – October CRUSH – golden stars of maple and sycamore, fallen acorns hatching pink seekers all rain-swept inContinue reading “Across the Bridge October into November colours Wednesday 2 Nov 2022”

Tuesday 18th October 2022 Chestnut Tree

Today I feel I may have got my last haul from the bole of the chestnut tree… “my chestnut tree” who presides over the entrance to Glenview park. As I write this I feel the precariousness of her position, on a road, a conduit East – West across the City’s Northside, but thankfully not theContinue reading “Tuesday 18th October 2022 Chestnut Tree”

Conkers and the moon…Monday 10 Oct 22

The horse chestnut tree is releasing its fruit; for a month I have been passing by and picking up the fallen ones – I find them bounced on the concrete, scattered across the tarmac, cracked open along the seams, released from their fleshy enclosure, in the grass an eye opens in the gap. I haveContinue reading “Conkers and the moon…Monday 10 Oct 22”

Blue zip opening Sat 1 – Thurs 6 October 2022

It’s past the autumn equinox, the days are shortening into winter and time has flown, flowed in summer flux since my last postings …I have been away from the Glen, lost my footing there with all of my busyness … the connection is fragile, on the surface at least … the connection needs continuity …lastContinue reading “Blue zip opening Sat 1 – Thurs 6 October 2022”