Sun and cycles of repopulation 18-22.04.2022

These days I have been entering the Glen via the ZigZag, too early for Sunview East (which is still under lock & key till the Council begin their day) It’s been some time since I walked this path – the way is lush with Winter heliotrope ruffling the borders of my descent, an audience ofContinue reading “Sun and cycles of repopulation 18-22.04.2022”

Easter Monday 18.04.2022 Rope Walk Daffodils

I am early to the Glen today my intention to walk the legs begins with moving fast and soon slows as the valley weaves its magic around me. I greet the Dipper in her usual spot by the Fleischmann residence, moving on without stopping so as not to disturb her hunting – but she fliesContinue reading “Easter Monday 18.04.2022 Rope Walk Daffodils”

April aftermath reconciliation and new beginnings 26.03.2022 – 15.04.2022

The burnings come in cycles, looking back over 3 springs of Glen photos I see the blackening is very much an element of April and March – and always the greening follows and the re-population, shoots are emerging now, bees now passing in and out of holes and spiders’ webs now joining stone to stalkContinue reading “April aftermath reconciliation and new beginnings 26.03.2022 – 15.04.2022”

Alder….Saturday 9.04.2022

The Glen is a place of Alders whose shapes populate the valley, darkly red against the doming grey-greens of Willow. Right now the male flowers of the Alders are dangling from all branches and strewn across the ground after the winds; these catkins, named from the dutch word for kitten. Alders produce male and femaleContinue reading “Alder….Saturday 9.04.2022”

birds of prey, burnings and blue skies 16 -26 March

The weather has been good for the last few days with blue skies and warm sun. We had a site visit for Gleann na Phúca today (Saturday 26) a pair of buzzards watch over us winging high and silent in the blue, making their elegant circles in the air. It’s good to see them inContinue reading “birds of prey, burnings and blue skies 16 -26 March”

manicuring the Glen – culling the elms – adieu adieu 1-16.03.2022

They have been man- i-curing the Glen – they on machines leaving tyre tracks, heavy in the mud, pointing to the places of decimation where limbs of branches pile up or lay strewn across the undergrowth, mashed up and ground down. There will be no more bird callings from the bare branched elms, the lumberContinue reading “manicuring the Glen – culling the elms – adieu adieu 1-16.03.2022”

Findings and leavings in the first week of hedgerow protection Monday 7.03.2022

It’s a greyish morning early as I stroll down Sunview East into the park. I am appreciating the bareness before the promise of Spring growth, it’s the first week of hedgrow protections and from now until September is the official time of respect for nesting birds and animal life. On the way to the FleischmannsContinue reading “Findings and leavings in the first week of hedgerow protection Monday 7.03.2022”

After the storms…14-24.02.2022

Dudley was only whispering as he passed overhead but Eunice reached us howling, bringing down trees and gusty Franklin buffeted in her trail, all shape shifting their ways through the Glen and beyond. This morning we have snow, the warm earth kisses away the cold white touch as blue skies open and close letting inContinue reading “After the storms…14-24.02.2022”