last year’s galls

In summer 2020 I made some ink from the fallen galls of the large oak on ‘the ridge’ and since then I’ve been watching and waiting to see the arrival of new ones, hoping to catch a glimpse of their formation – there is no evidence of galls on the branches there yet, but onContinue reading “last year’s galls”

fruiting bodies

Now the undergrowth is clear we can see more fungus forms too these hold the light in their glory and seem to me like creatures and a little like offal…I am intrigued by their form, not veiny and branching out as vegetation does, they appear more homogenous, almost like sorbet, or organ-like even perhaps thickContinue reading “fruiting bodies”

Monday 28 December

The flood water abates and, as new paths reveal themselves in the Glen ….so do new views (with a little help from “M”, resident path keeper, I saw him on the grassy knoll before Christmas, clearing the way up through briars, prickling gorse and twining, snaring undergrowth, a path maker’s winter job to be trampedContinue reading “Monday 28 December”

the next day is a little longer

Today my mission was to go and seek out the flowers I’ve noticed lately just coming into bloom. They grow in swathes of ground I normally overlook, as the plants grow everywhere they can find a patch, and are considered by many to be a nuisance, at best unwelcome, and though the leaf is prettyContinue reading “the next day is a little longer”