Monday 29.03.2021 a walk for a hunt

Began the day despondent and unmotivated, by 2 I kicked myself out the door, a walk with intention. This one to explore sites for an egg hunt. So to begin at the Western end and look for nooks and crannies where fragile things might lie for a wee while blending in enough but also standingContinue reading “Monday 29.03.2021 a walk for a hunt”

Friday 26.02.2021 pockets, rails and memories

My habitual Friday afternoon walk, has become 4 pm and here I am into the Glen, its grey and not warm but the shots are very much in evidence – everywhere new growth, the green blades rising from the water, the yellows of celandine and daffodil flowers. I head West along the North bank forContinue reading “Friday 26.02.2021 pockets, rails and memories”

Thursday 26.02.2021 Gothic Orchard interventions

So today I get out earlier and swoop into the Glen immediately bumping into M the dancer on the bridges with Corey, we pick each other up and talk and walk, M pauses often and our walk is a series of movements without momentum, we catch up on a week of meetings and interactions, stoppingContinue reading “Thursday 26.02.2021 Gothic Orchard interventions”

Thursday 18.02.2021 Rabbit holes and hoof prints

It feels like spring but there is a chill too, that kind that only comes when the year is new and beginning to warm up. I took myself through the Glen on my way to a shopping expedition. Looking out for today’s signs I go and visit my now decidedly woody oyster mushroom, while gettingContinue reading “Thursday 18.02.2021 Rabbit holes and hoof prints”

Wednesday 17.02.2021 meetings and duos

A morning that had the feeling of Easter, hares, chicks, daffodils and all things yellow…The Glen has become our meeting space, walks with E this morning ranging the perimeter down to Spring Lane and up along the unofficial park edges, talking about expansion, interactions and access rather than development, which is hanging over us withContinue reading “Wednesday 17.02.2021 meetings and duos”

Monday 16.02.2021 walk with L

A grabbed walk – Monday midday with L – I had hoped for a quiet walk and wee friendly shoulder and some in person time with my bright as a button friend. Many vehicles were exiting and entering the park as I turned into the alley, and I remember noticing the depot gate was stalledContinue reading “Monday 16.02.2021 walk with L”

Saturday 13.02.2021 lichens trunks and tracks

Late afternoon strolling down after a couple of youths and their dogs – two lurchers prancing about off lead, another wears a muzzle and is on a long leash made up of 2 leads knotted together, taking up the rear is a sliver/grey short haired pup called Hugo, wearing a brace that matches the redContinue reading “Saturday 13.02.2021 lichens trunks and tracks”