Saturday 13.02.2021 lichens trunks and tracks

Late afternoon strolling down after a couple of youths and their dogs – two lurchers prancing about off lead, another wears a muzzle and is on a long leash made up of 2 leads knotted together, taking up the rear is a sliver/grey short haired pup called Hugo, wearing a brace that matches the redContinue reading “Saturday 13.02.2021 lichens trunks and tracks”

Friday 12.02.2021 Night walk and faerie light

A’s birthday – 30!- the day slipped us by and it was 8 by the time we descended to the park via the zigzag. This is the latest winter walk I’ve done, the air hung amber with city lights spreading through the misty sky, after a cold and still rainy day. We did a roundContinue reading “Friday 12.02.2021 Night walk and faerie light”

Thursday 11.02.2021 rain and sleet and jet

another busy day at the keyboard and uninviting weather on the outside. I made it into the Glen before nightfall but the day hardly lightened from the beginning, not like the bright snow that arrived west and east and north of us, we were the warm front and the rain and snow came down togetherContinue reading “Thursday 11.02.2021 rain and sleet and jet”

Wednesday 10.02.2021

A cold morning and snow as promised, it feels good to wrap up in scarf and gloves and face some weather. I meander as usual. finding my direction and the pull, as ever these days, is eastwards. Still wondering about walls and trees and architectural spaces that include the body in particular ways. Slipping betweenContinue reading “Wednesday 10.02.2021”

Tuesday 9.02.2021 Parkitecture

Another day at the screen and late to the Glen. I moseyed over Eastwards to the Fleischmann place and started looking at the walls and the trees and the trees in the walls and the clearings of the walls, pondering PtW and his obsession to preserve the man made environment at the expense of theContinue reading “Tuesday 9.02.2021 Parkitecture”

Friday 5.02.2021 so many images

I have been looking through my photos to pick out tome for a proposal…so many images, distracted by yesterday shots of the gate bedded down in the ivy at the Fleischmann place and teasel – these photos hadn’t uploaded when I was writing my blog and so they got left out, and I would notContinue reading “Friday 5.02.2021 so many images”