Friday 5.02.2021 escape from the keyboard

It’s been heavy on writing this week and good to break out into the spring air, even if there is more of a chill today and the odd sprinkle of rain, the sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy. I found myself on the grassy knoll and some children drew my to explore theContinue reading “Friday 5.02.2021 escape from the keyboard”

Thursday 4.02.2012 Comanche and Conversations with humans

I left home a good half hour before midday to catch the Glen at noon, bumped into E and did a circuit with her talking about maps and overlaying each others in transparent layers catching glimpses of one another’s worlds… we are adopting some of the same place-naming, agreeing on terms like The Bayou, EContinue reading “Thursday 4.02.2012 Comanche and Conversations with humans”

Wednesday 3.02.2021 evening light

Late walk greeting the herons finding a hole in the bank where it looks like a dog has pursued a smaller creature, evening light in the West, on the swollen pond and in the puddles, I stick to the path, the 4 boys with their 4 dogs are out rambling and I spot them againContinue reading “Wednesday 3.02.2021 evening light”

Tuesday 2.02.2021 Late walk Herons, birdsong and otter spraint

Out again late today 5pm and dusk is falling, I see Greta egret and a heron and then another in the upper pond, the herons are claiming the territory as Greta usually likes the spot where they’ stand motionless, as she is energetically dipping her beak in and out of the water closer to theContinue reading “Tuesday 2.02.2021 Late walk Herons, birdsong and otter spraint”

Monday 01.02.2021 ~ Lá ‘le Bríde – Witches Butter, Wood Sage and Airmid’s Gresko

I went to the Glen today with the intention of finding some material for making a Cross to honour St Brigit but once more became diverted by other happenings, and my ongoing search for the elusive Witches Butter. There has been machinery in the upper field, ripping up the ditches where there’s an unoffical gardenContinue reading “Monday 01.02.2021 ~ Lá ‘le Bríde – Witches Butter, Wood Sage and Airmid’s Gresko”

Sunday 31.01.2021 Clean Up

today was the first clean Up Sunday of 2021 and it was drizzly. People arrived in wellies and waders, I had a brolly with blue skies and puffy clouds on it. “That’s January tidied away. Kudos to the brave souls who made it out to today’s cleanup – some even braving the water to keepContinue reading “Sunday 31.01.2021 Clean Up”

Saturday 30.01.2021 Night Walk searching for gold

It was after half five by the time I left home today, a drizzly grey Saturday. The evening air was fresh and balm to my indoor face. I entered the park with the intention of going to ‘Scotland’ to find the fungus, that L had messaged me about. She said “I snuck up to theContinue reading “Saturday 30.01.2021 Night Walk searching for gold”

Friday 29.01.2021 Beech avenue Bustle and found steps

I meander on looking at how the branches reach out to one another and making silent music in my mind, summoning the Fleischmanns and veering to other songs more felt in the body than heard. I go through the Fleischamnn quarter and see there is a shovel propped against the ledge of the platform footprintContinue reading “Friday 29.01.2021 Beech avenue Bustle and found steps”

Thursday 28.01.2012 strange placements

So I leave after an interview that had me stressed for the morning wondering why I put myself through these I enter I see there has been a ritual at the snake, a garland of ivy, seems to have been disturbed and an ivy bush torn from its trunk, I already know of PContinue reading “Thursday 28.01.2012 strange placements”

Wednesday 27.01.2021 dusk walk Beech avenue

Another late afternoon walk I pass the pile of chipping made from the culled oak last year opposite the stump I walked on and was drawn to the avenue leading up to the Council Depot, I wanted to get close to the lovely silver Birch, her 3 sister trunks and see her frayed branch formationContinue reading “Wednesday 27.01.2021 dusk walk Beech avenue”