Friday 12.02.2021 Night walk and faerie light

A’s birthday – 30!- the day slipped us by and it was 8 by the time we descended to the park via the zigzag. This is the latest winter walk I’ve done, the air hung amber with city lights spreading through the misty sky, after a cold and still rainy day. We did a roundContinue reading “Friday 12.02.2021 Night walk and faerie light”

Wednesday 10.02.2021

A cold morning and snow as promised, it feels good to wrap up in scarf and gloves and face some weather. I meander as usual. finding my direction and the pull, as ever these days, is eastwards. Still wondering about walls and trees and architectural spaces that include the body in particular ways. Slipping betweenContinue reading “Wednesday 10.02.2021”


I love the way this image bursts open on the page – its so starry and clearly a “five” from – a pentagon/pentangle – I wonder if this is accidental or if it invites us into the growth pattern of gorse… must find out…. I have been surprised by the popping of gorse andContinue reading “gorse”