Tuesday 28.12.2021 Rowan oysters and washing stones

Tuesday’s walk leaves me despondent, the litter is back with broken glass and leavings of cans and boxes and fast food wrappings, the weather is grey, I see my favourite oyster mushroom has returned, not by its crested presence on the bark of the ailing Rowan, but by its kicked remains about the empty pedestalContinue reading “Tuesday 28.12.2021 Rowan oysters and washing stones”

Monday 16.02.2021 walk with L

A grabbed walk – Monday midday with L – I had hoped for a quiet walk and wee friendly shoulder and some in person time with my bright as a button friend. Many vehicles were exiting and entering the park as I turned into the alley, and I remember noticing the depot gate was stalledContinue reading “Monday 16.02.2021 walk with L”

Saturday 13.02.2021 lichens trunks and tracks

Late afternoon strolling down after a couple of youths and their dogs – two lurchers prancing about off lead, another wears a muzzle and is on a long leash made up of 2 leads knotted together, taking up the rear is a sliver/grey short haired pup called Hugo, wearing a brace that matches the redContinue reading “Saturday 13.02.2021 lichens trunks and tracks”

Friday 5.02.2021 so many images

I have been looking through my photos to pick out tome for a proposal…so many images, distracted by yesterday shots of the gate bedded down in the ivy at the Fleischmann place and teasel – these photos hadn’t uploaded when I was writing my blog and so they got left out, and I would notContinue reading “Friday 5.02.2021 so many images”

Friday 5.02.2021 escape from the keyboard

It’s been heavy on writing this week and good to break out into the spring air, even if there is more of a chill today and the odd sprinkle of rain, the sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy. I found myself on the grassy knoll and some children drew my to explore theContinue reading “Friday 5.02.2021 escape from the keyboard”

Monday 01.02.2021 ~ Lá ‘le Bríde – Witches Butter, Wood Sage and Airmid’s Gresko

I went to the Glen today with the intention of finding some material for making a Cross to honour St Brigit but once more became diverted by other happenings, and my ongoing search for the elusive Witches Butter. There has been machinery in the upper field, ripping up the ditches where there’s an unoffical gardenContinue reading “Monday 01.02.2021 ~ Lá ‘le Bríde – Witches Butter, Wood Sage and Airmid’s Gresko”

Saturday 30.01.2021 Night Walk searching for gold

It was after half five by the time I left home today, a drizzly grey Saturday. The evening air was fresh and balm to my indoor face. I entered the park with the intention of going to ‘Scotland’ to find the fungus, that L had messaged me about. She said “I snuck up to theContinue reading “Saturday 30.01.2021 Night Walk searching for gold”

Wednesday 20.01.21 Oyster Mushrooms, blue skies and snow on the way

So I passed were N & I freed the water the other day, it was gushing forth in its new passage. I’ve been reading Gathering Moss and this brings me to looking at the Boundary layer and the different kind of mosses that gather in the barks of trees from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Gathering MossContinue reading “Wednesday 20.01.21 Oyster Mushrooms, blue skies and snow on the way”